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Gentry Company promises to treat your interest in selling your business in a professional and totally confidential fashion. Your identity and confidential information are only provided to prospective buyers that have signed a non-disclosure agreement and after they have been screened.

Gentry Company will work with you throughout the selling process from start to closing of a sale.   Click here for a list of Qualified Buyers.

Our Selling Process:

  1. Initial Meeting. We want to learn about the history of your business, your reasons for exploring a sale, your objectives and expectations. We will discuss in detail our approach to valuing and marketing your business. At the conclusion of our first meeting, we expect to come away with financial data on the firm for further review.

  2. Preliminary Business Assessment. With an analysis of your financial information, follow-up discussions, and a review of the current market situation and buyer demand, we will provide you with a complimentary business assessment. Our business assessment will  indicate a likely selling price and our plan for marketing your specific business.

  4. Initiation of Listing Agreement. If you are satisfied with our suggested asking price and marketing plan, we would expect then to enter into an exclusive listing agreement with you. This agreement sets out our fee structure and our respective obligations. Typically, over 95% of our compensation comes only at the successful Closing of a sale. 

    If we mutually conclude that the business is not ready to be sold, we are available to assist in getting it ready under a Consulting Arrangement.

  5. Preparation of Marketing Package. At this point we prepare the marketing information, including items such as blind profiles (for web-site publications and mail-outs) and a Confidential Information Package (detailed marketing presentation showing a prospective buyer details on the business and a justification for its purchase). We may recommend an independent business appraisal, which we can arrange and manage.

  6. Kick-off Marketing Campaign. We will distribute non-confidential information on your business to the public and other brokers, through the use of several business brokerage web-sites, our extensive buyer files, and through direct mail campaigns. Gentry Company has extensive experience in working with all types of buyers - individuals with experience and funding, private equity firms and strategic buyers looking for add-on acquisitions. Check out our registered buyer list for examples of the types of buyers we are currently working with – Buyer List .

  7. Handling of Buyer Inquiries. We will pre-screen buyers for their qualifications and obtain a non-disclosure agreement from them before releasing any confidential information. After we are satisfied they are a qualified buyer, we will provide them with the Confidential Information Package and discuss it with them. If buyer then shows a strong interest, we will then (and only then) schedule a meeting with seller. Gentry Company will attend all meetings between buyer and seller.

  8. Handling of Offers. We will be there to assist you in reviewing all offers made by buyers and make suggestions or recommendations as requested.

  9. Due-Diligence Phase. Once an offer has been accepted by seller, we will be there to assist you in providing buyer with requested information needed for buyer to make final acquisition decision.

  10. Closing. We can help manage the closing process, working with professional business escrow firms and attorneys.

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